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Bedbug Treatment Connersville Richmond New Castle Brookvill Rushville IN

 Got bedbugs? Need a good bedbug pest control and bedbug treatment company.  Have you paid another bed bug pest control company to get rid of your bedbugs and you still have bedbugs and no bedbug re-treatment  guarantee . We are the most affordable bed bug treatment company in the Tri County area when you pay us for bed bug treatments we do promise to comeback and retreat your home according to the guarantee terms on our bed bug treatment contract.

We are a small family owned company we care about our customers and we will not rest until we solve your bed bug problems you your family and pets can rest and life returns to normal quickly. We do not do bed bug heat treatments . We use a combination of safe, yet residual chemical treatment and we a list of former happy bed bug treatment customers if you need references..


Has Your Home Been Invaded By Bedbugs?

1. Are you finding brown or black spots or splatter marks on linen or around the seams of the mattress or box spring.

2. Are you finding brown or Black spots behind bed frames pictures or any wood furniture.

3. Are you finding a strange new  insect in your home that is oval in shape with brownish to red coloring.

4. Are you a family member, or pet experiencing unexplained itching or bite marks after sleeping at night.

If you think you might have an infestation of Bed Bugs, call now and let us help you quickly get rid of the problem. We know how to identify, reduce, and eliminate your Bed Bug infestation. Our track record speaks for its self,we do not offer the cheapest treatment program we offer a treatment program that works and we stand behind it! Give us a call ,we can solve your Bedbug problem GUARANTEED!

Bed bug treatments that are guaranteed to work.  The staff at Tri County  Pest Control and Wildlife Services take your bed bug problems seriously. You are  never just a number  or another pest control customer to us like the bigger pest control companies make you feel ; we see you as a family that needs help with a pest problem and we just love to solve your pest, bug animal and wildlife problems.


Indiana | Richmond Connersville Rushville Brookville New Castle Bedbug Treatments

The key to any bedbug treatment starts with the inspection of your entire home or building. One problem with bedbugs  is that bedbugs can just as easily hide waiting for a blood meal or leaving their bed bug eggs to cause you even further aggravation behind headboards, on bed mattress, rugs, carpets, pictures on the  wall, on or inside, behind  any furniture in affected rooms,  in clothing and behind your walls of your home because they also use common cracks and crevices like behind electrical, cable wall plates, other areas (wires, satellite, cable, phones, dsl etc. ) cut into your home by another industry technician.

Removing pictures off the wall, putting mattress covers on every mattress and box spring and dismantling every piece of furniture and doing 100% coverage and treating every crevice and I mean every crevice. Neglect one area and the whole invasion thing just takes off like you never treated the place.

The adult bedbug is known to be able to go for over 6 months without feeding, and when deprived of food may live for a year and a half.(this means bring a living human host in 1/1/2 years and suddenly they found a blood meal). Eggs are deposited into hidden crevices by the female, and normally hatch within about 1 week. But, in cooler temperatures this may take a month of more.

Different bedbug infestation problems  warrant different bedbug treatments. Their many ways to treat your home for bedbugs and just because we are a small company don’t even think we only have one bedbug removal solution . We work with your work schedule and stay on budget for your bed bug  pest control treatments.


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If you live in East Central Indiana and have a concern of whether you may have a bed bug problem please call for an inspection. We know how to treat and get rid of bedbugs the RIGHT WAY.

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